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Custom Cooling Solutions

Rite-Temp specializes in designing custom food processing chiller systems tailored to your operation's unique requirements. With a wide range of capacities and system configurations, our chillers offer precise temperature control for all your refrigeration and cooling needs.

  Precision Temperature Control

Our industrial-grade food processing chillers are built to efficiently remove heat from your equipment, ensuring your food stays perfectly chilled throughout production. Whether you're making cheese, meat, sauces, yogurt, ice cream, chocolates, or baked goods, our chillers provide reliable temperature management.


Choose Your Chill

Rite-Temp offers two types of industrial food processing chiller systems: potable water chillers and glycol chillers. Potable water chillers use a water-based coolant ideal for medium-temperature processes like cheese and meat production. On the other hand, glycol chillers utilize a water-glycol mix as an antifreeze for low-temperature storage applications such as yogurt and ice cream.

Air-Cooled vs. Water-Cooled

We provide both air-cooled and water-cooled food processing chillers to suit your facility's needs. Air-cooled systems are energy-efficient and space-saving, utilizing ambient air for cooling. In contrast, water-cooled systems use external cooling towers for efficient heat removal.

When it comes to cooling systems, nothing beats the efficiency and reliability of a chiller system. Specifically designed to cool water and maintain a consistent temperature, chillers play a crucial role in various industries and applications.

From industrial chilled water systems to commercial building chillers, there are different types of chillers available to suit specific cooling needs. Water-cooled chillers, for example, use water as a coolant to remove heat from the system efficiently.

Chiller Types & Sizes

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