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Utilizing a water chiller in Cannabis & CBD extraction is one of the most effective ways of cooling root zone temperatures. While mostly used in hydroponic applications soil and other solid media gardens can also benefit from the oxygen-rich, consistent nutrient temperatures water chillers provide.

High water temperatures are a consistent problem in many hydroponic setups, especially if you’re using a small reservoir in a system like deep water culture. The rising temperatures decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen around the root zone.

Water chillers keep nutrient solution temperatures within the optimal range. The optimal range allows high levels of dissolved oxygen to be accessible to the root zone while also strengthening plant disease suppression.

A nutrient solution’s ability to hold dissolved oxygen diminishes as temperatures rise within the solution. This low-oxygen environment reduces the amount of oxygen available to the root zone, resulting in slowed growth and poor plant performance.

Water chillers work in conjunction with water pumps. As nutrient solution is circulated throughout the system/reservoir, the mechanics naturally heat the solution. This solution is then pumped through the water chiller, where it encounters cooling coils and is chilled to the desired temperature. This cooled solution is then circulated back into the system, providing ideal temperatures for explosive root growth and disease suppression.

Over the years, our water chillers have been subjected to the most critical on-the-job performance evaluations. The result has been proven reliability and a reputation for a solid quality machine. Rite-Temp manufactures water cooled and air cooled water chillers for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Flexibility of design and product adaptability set us apart in the industry. Each unit is individually constructed to meet your exact specifications. Our Portable and Horizontal units are available in 2 to 12-ton capacities and the Vertical unit we offer 2 to 24-ton capacities. Our Remote units are available in 2 to 36-ton capacities.



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