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Rite-Temp has been designing and manufacturing industrial glycol chillers here in Arkansas for brewers for over twenty five years. Whether you are the smallest of brew houses or the largest of tank manufactures we take pride in the relationships we have developed and nurtured along the way. When you go with a Rite-Temp chiller you know that you are dealing with a company that takes as much pride in our craft as you will yours!

Cooling in Brewing and Other Applications

Glycol chillers are a specific kind of refrigeration system, often used to cool a variety of liquids, including alcohol and other beverages. Using a chiller allows producers to lower the temperature of the product dramatically over a short period of time, depending on the production needs. Propylene glycol plays a significant role in the application of a glycol chiller. For cooling in brewing, there are few processes where decreasing or maintaining temperature are important - like crash cooling a beer after fermentation, or keeping a steady temperature during fermentation (which generates heat), or cooling the wort after an initial boiling process.

There are many applications for glycol chillers. Without a properly designed system and knowing the application, it is possible for the evaporator to freeze-up operating at 50-70F supply temperature.

Glycol chillers in operation

A chiller is essentially a refrigerator that includes a compressor, evaporator, condenser and a metering device. An additional buffer tank is used with the chilling unit to provide additional system capacity to prevent excessive cycling, unexpected temperature fluctuations, and erratic system operation.

Propylene glycol, a food-grade antifreeze, is typically used when consumable products are involved. Before using glycol in the brewing process, check that propylene glycol is of USP grade to ensure it is recommended for food use.

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