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CBD Chiller - Your Extraction Companion

Unlock the true potential of your cannabis extraction process with the ultimate industrial-grade cannabis chiller by Rite Temp.

Cooling Reinvented
Experience the power of extra-low fluid temperatures and precise temperature control with our cutting-edge industrial-grade cannabis chiller. Say goodbye to inefficiencies and hello to top-quality compound extraction!

Our industrial-grade packaged cannabis chiller systems are a game-changer for the industry. Specifically designed and manufactured to cater to the unique needs of your facility, regardless of its size, these chillers are a cut above the rest.

Utilizing a water chiller in Cannabis & CBD extraction is one of the most effective ways of cooling root zone temperatures. While mostly used in hydroponic applications soil and other solid media gardens can also benefit from the oxygen-rich, consistent nutrient temperatures water chillers provide.

Rugged Reliability
Our chiller systems are built tough, using heavy-duty process cooling technology that can withstand even the most rigorous extraction processes. Trust in our industrial-grade chillers to cool your equipment efficiently and reliably at every stage, boosting productivity and elevating product quality.

When it comes to compound extraction in high-volume facilities, our extra-low temperature process chillers are unmatched. They ensure precision and efficiency in the extraction process, guaranteeing top-quality results every time. Trust us to deliver excellence in cannabis chilling systems tailored to your exact requirements.

Designed for Excellence
Choosing the right cannabis chiller is crucial for large-scale operations. Our systems are specially engineered to optimize extraction processes, ensuring you get the highest quality compounds every time. Learn more about how CBD Chiller can take your operation to new heights!
Over the years, our water chillers have been subjected to the most critical on-the-job performance evaluations. The result has been proven reliability and a reputation for a solid quality machine. Rite-Temp manufactures water cooled and air cooled water chillers for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Flexibility of design and product adaptability set us apart in the industry. Each unit is individually constructed to meet your exact specifications. Our Portable and Horizontal units are available in 2 to 12-ton capacities and the Vertical unit we offer 2 to 24-ton capacities. Our Remote units are available in 2 to 36-ton capacities.


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